At Flying K Ranch, we breed about 280 registered Red Angus cows through A.I. and natural methods. We are always trying to produce better females as we feel this results in better bulls. Our Red Angus breeding program requires careful sire selection, intense culling, and a little luck!!!

Our Current Bull Battery

Red Flying K Julian 22A

22A was a choice lot in our 2014 sale.  He is a bet the ranch calving ease bull who ranks in the top 1% for BW and CED EPDs.  Super travelling bull with wuperior feet and legs.  For more & more producers asking for bulls that will calve all types of heifers, he provides that & a lot more. 

Red Tongue River Jesse AT385
We purchased this bull from Crump Red Angus in Wyoming in 2014.  A curve bender bull that calves as easy as any bull we have ever used.  He is in the top 1% of the breed for BW and CED EPDs.  He is siring very moderate framed, easy fleshing cattle.

Red JRA Escalade 76A
We purchased 76A with Badland Angus in 2014 from Janzen Ranch as their High Selling Bull.  He is a big time performance bull with outcross black pedigrees on both sides.  His daughters are exceeding expectations!  They have beautiful, small, level udders with small teats.  You have to see them to appreciate them!  His sons are stylish & attactive with very nice heads.

Our Foundation Red Angus Sires

Red Flying K Suiji 18M
    -semen available in Canada

Flying K Chief 7U
Red Flying K Chief 7U
(exported to Argentina)
    -semen available in Canada/US


Red Flying K Max 153Y

153Y was the choice lot in our 2012 sale with the other bull Red Flying K Max 159Y selling to Triple SSS that day.  159Y has now made his new home at Arrowsmith Angus in Nebraska!  The 153Y sons have been very popular in the past with two of our high sellers FKR 127B & FKR 95C.  His sons are deep and thick.  153Y is as structurally correct as you can find in the breed!

Red Rod Ajax 806B

806B was purchased in 2015 from Rodgers Red Angus.  We were interested in carrying on the genetics from 179X (pictured) and figured 806B was a good candidate for this.  He is a well-balanced bull with good feet and a nice mother.  He has tremendous length of body which has passed on to his sons! He produced multiple high selling bulls in the 2017 sale.

Red Flying K Boss 95C

95C was the high seller from our 2016 sale, purchased by Howe Angus & Eye Hill Stock Farm.  His calves all carry on his appearance right from baby calves: deep, thick, and lots of hair! 

Red Pahl Lion Heart 168A
We partnered with Badlands Angus to purchase this outcross bull from PAHL Livestock.  He offers exciting outcross genetics!  All of his calves have tremendous spring of rib and a ton of hair.  Our first daughters are calving this spring and udders are as good as their mothers or better, that’s what you call GENETIC PROGRESS!! 

Red Benchmark Committed 87’14

87B was purchased from Benchmark Angus in 2015.  He is a moderate-framed bull with tremendous spring of rib & a calm demeanour.  He ranks in the top 1% for WW EPDs in the breed.  His first few daughters have lots of milk, with decent attachment. 


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