Ranch HistoryRed Flying K Ms Design 16F

The ranch is located in South West Saskatchewan, Canada.
(10 miles south of Swift Current on Highway #4, and 8 miles West on the Wyatt Road)

The Flying K herd began in the summer of 1972 by Bill & Donna Hanel & Donna's brother Eric Lawrence of Maple Creek, SK. The first cattle were purchased from Albert and Pearl Clarkson of Alpine Grove Red Angus at Maple Creek, SK. Clarkson's had purchased their cows from Beckton Stock Farm at Sheridan, Wyoming; L.B. Schmitt & L.C. Chestnut of Stanford, Montana; and the Cook Stock Farm at May, Idaho. The foundation of the herd was based on Chief & Suiji bloodlines

The "Flying K" brand came with the ranch when Bill & Donna purchased it from Dr. J. D. Keene from Swift Current, SK in 1967.

Today the ranch is owned and operated by Brian (Bill & Donna’s son), his wife Christine, and their sons Dylan, and Shane. 


Brian, Christine, Dylan & Shane Hanel
Box 1902 Swift Current, Saskatchewan S9H 4M6
              Phone/Fax: (306) 773-6313
E-mail: chanel@t2.net

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